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At Kalaj Painting Co. we are the local painters of Orange County, San Gabriel Valley & IE you can trust to provide you with a quality interior or exterior house painting project. We are known for using premium quality interior & exterior paint plus doing an amazing job every time for each and every customer. Consistent communication with our customers allows us to deliver 100% satisfaction when painting our customers house. Our experience in the field allows us to focus on each project getting done on time. Here at Kalaj Painting Co our company has the experience and dedication needed in order to achieve excellent results. Kalaj Painting Co is currently serving Orange County, San Gabriel Valley & Inland Empire. Feel free to contact us when you are ready for a free on-site, no obligation estimate.

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Exterior Painting

Kalaj Painting Co. delivers outstanding results on all Exterior Painting Projects. All exteriors are pressured washed thoroughly to ensure a clean surface. To achieve a sound surface we make sure that all surfaces planning to be painted are properly prepped - Scraping, Sanding, Caulking, Stucco Patching and Spot Priming. In order to attain a superior finish we use premium paint on all of our exterior projects. Once the Exterior Painting is complete, We clean the work area and haul it away. When the project is complete we do a final walkthrough with the customer to ensure the exterior repaint met our customers satisfaction. Over the course of 30+ years the company has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge, therefore allowing us to implement specific methods during the course of painting the exterior of our customers house. With this skill set we use on our exterior repaints we maximize curb appeal on the exterior painting project thus in returning leaving our customers with 100% satisfaction.

Interior Painting

We value our customers home. Cleanliness is essential when commencing an interior painting project. In doing so all work areas are masked off accordingly before starting the prep work, all furniture and items are moved to the center of the room or into other rooms in the house and then cover them with plastic. When prepping the surface areas that are planning to be painted we then make repairs where necessary to your walls, including patching drywall and sanding down rough spots, spot priming, texturing and so forth. Once the surface areas are prepped and ready for painting we apply premium quality paint for our customers homes ensuring a uniform and exceptional finish. After the job is complete, all masking materials used to cover the work areas are removed and hauled by us. We then clean the work area removing any dust or debris bringing the interior of the home back to the clean condition the home was found or better. At this point the interior of your home is now complete and we do a final walkthrough with the customer to make sure the customer is satisfied with the completed work. Kalaj Painting Co. strives to be Orange County’s Premier Painters.

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Joseph and his crew are very responsible, respective, knowledgeable, polite, clean, and fast , they use a good product . And are fair on there price.  I would definitely refer Kalaj painting

Joey Islas

Joseph very knowledgeable young man quality painting very clean and neat most of all reasonable pricing I highly recommend Joseph

Fernando Medina