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Orange County Exterior Painters

Kalaj Painting Co are proud residential painters servicing Orange County and Inland Empire. Throughout many years of painting the exterior residential properties and meeting customer satisfaction we are striving to become Orange County's Premier Residential Painters. If you are ready to get the exterior of your home painted feel free to give us a call for a free estimate.

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Pressure Wash

First step in beginning an exterior painting project is going to be thoroughly pressure washing the exterior surface to ensure a clean surface. Pressure Washing the exterior of your house removes dust, dirt, mold, mildew, algae and any residue that has accumulated over the years.

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Masking Off

Here at Kalaj Painting Co we value our customers home and take cleanliness seriously. We mask off all work area to ensure cleanliness on areas not being painted. This step guarantees the customer the areas not to be painted are kept clean and free from any over-spray or paint drips. 

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Preparation is key to success and it's also 90% of the job. That's why at Kalaj Painting Co we take our prep work very seriously. Any loose, peeling, chipping or failing paint is scraped and sanded. All stucco damage is scraped and patched. Damaged wood is either patched if salvageable or replaced. Caulking is applied where necessary.

All areas that had prep work done are then spot primed.

Exterior Painting 

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Exterior Painting

All of our Exterior Painting projects start with thorough prepwork. We use only high quality materials in order to achieve outstanding results. Preparation is key to the job, When our prep work is complete we apply only premium paint that is dirt-resistant and mold resistant with advanced resin technology. The exterior paint our company uses delivers outstanding performance and protects against the elements and with that we achieve a quality finish on all of our exterior painting projects.  

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Clean up

After the Exterior House Painting is complete, we remove all plastic, paper, tape and other materials used. We then clean the work area of any debris or paint chips that are leftover after removing the paper and plastic. All materials used to mask off the work are then hauled away. 

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Final Walkthrough

Once the Exterior Painting Project is complete and work area has been cleaned we will take a final walkthrough with the customer to ensure the quality of the exterior painting has met or exceeded the customers expectations. A satisfied customer is our top priority here at Kalaj Painting Company.