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4 Easy Ideas for Painting Brick House

A brick home exterior is a timeless and classic style. But if you are looking to give it an update and a modern twist, painting your brick house is a good option to obtain transformative results. By giving your home exterior a new coat of paint, not only does it boost your home’s curb appeal but also its property value. Before you decide to jump into this home renovation project, it is important to plan ahead so you can set a budget and determine the best color for your brick home.

brick house painting ideas

Before you paint your brick house, it is important to go over this list of do’s and don’t first.


  • Invest in a superior quality primer in order to facilitate an easier paint application and superior finish.

  • Make sure to let the walls dry completely in between coats to ensure proper color adhesion.

  • Use a second coat of primer if you are going to dramatically change the natural color of the brick.

  • Consider the natural color of the brick first. Darker bricks will require more layers of paint to cover it.


  • Do not underestimate the amount of paint you need, especially when painting a porous surface such as bricks.

  • Do not paint over glazed or glass bricks. These ideas only apply to conventional bricks.

  • Do not forget the finishing coat. This will ensure that the paint won’t easily chip or peel off.

How do you choose what color or paint to use for your brick house’s exterior? These are some of the ideas that you can try to hopefully make your decision easier.

painted brick house ideas

Painted Brick House Ideas

You have now reached the fun part – exploring paint ideas for your brick house. These are some of the best options available, as recommended by expert renovators.

1. White Washed

When all else fails, white paint is a classic and timeless choice for home exteriors, including brick houses. It is a neutral color so it can be easily accented with other coordinating colors, too. Contrary to popular belief, a white house does not need to be boring or stale. In fact, it creates a bright and fresh feeling to your space.

Choosing a white paint for your brick house can actually make the brick elements seem less commanding. It provides a charming texture and an elegant look to your home, thus enhancing its curb appeal. You can accent the white with the bright colors on the window frames and roof, which creates a beautiful yet eye-catching contrast.

2. Modern Grey

Grey is fast growing in popularity in terms of house paint colors. This color also works when you want to paint over a brick exterior. When you choose modern grey, you can go as light or as dark as you want, depending on the overall aesthetic that you want to accomplish with your home. Remember: you do not always have to be subtle when it comes to painting your brick exterior.

In fact, opting for a dark finish can add texture and personality to your home’s brick exterior. It also gives depth that makes your home look unique from the outside.

3. Navy

Navy is another great option for painting your brick home’s exterior. Just like gray, this color is very popular with modern homes. It is classic but with a bold and modern touch to it. Hence, you can get the best of both worlds when you choose this particular color for your home. It is also ideal for homeowners that want to make a bold statement for their home’s exterior paint.

While it is easier to paint your home’s exterior using a dark color, make sure to use at least two coats of the primer. This will provide a more even tone with the finishing coat and make the end result look more superior.

4. Red

Red is another excellent idea if you want to give a fresh coat of paint to your home’s brick exterior. Red is a classic choice but this is not as popular as some of the other options in this list. The reason for this is that many homeowners are a bit intimidated by such a bold color. However, the appearance of a red brick can actually give your home a classic and cozy vibe.

If you are scared that red might be too bold of a hue, you can opt for a lighter shade of red. It is also important to be extra careful about what other shades you coordinate with the red brick paint so it complements the look of your home exterior rather than clash with it.

To help you choose the ideal brick paint color for your home’s exterior, think of a color scheme. Use this color scheme as a guide when choosing what colors work together and what doesn’t. This will help boost your home’s curb appeal and its property value in the market.

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