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6 Best White House Exterior Color Schemes and Ideas

There are a few things as traditional and elegant as a white house. Whether it is an old or brand new house, the crisp white exterior painting exudes charm and classic elegance that makes it stand out in ways that bold colors cannot. White is a versatile hue that has the ability to highlight other colors that you incorporate into the exterior of your home. At the same time, it provides an exceptional background to highlight all other architectural details.

But even when you might have a penchant for all things traditional, it does not mean you should stick to an all-white paint exterior for your home. You can still opt for a white exterior but with a few pops of color here and there. Try any of the following color schemes to add a modern twist to your exterior house painting project.

Primary Colors

Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors on the color wheel. These are the colors with which all other colors are based on. For this reason, they complement just about any color on the color wheel. When it comes to finding a good color scheme to give your white exterior a boost of life and energy, any of these primary colors would make a good idea.

These colors also give your white house’s exterior paint depth and brightness. No matter what tone you choose for each of these colors, the color combination with white paint is deeply satisfying because it is remains classical however you choose to use these colors.

Natural Tones

The use of natural tones and hues is a great compliment for a white painted home. It is one of the best white house exterior color schemes for you to consider, according to experts, especially if you use dark tones, such as dark brown (that looks like wood). You can use these colors on your garage door or even the front door. Other ideas wherein you can use natural colors would be on the roof and on the window trims. You can be as bold or as subtle with your use of natural colors; either way, it will make the white paint on your home exterior pop.

Some examples of good natural paint colors to incorporate to your white house’s exterior include warm brown, coffee, verdant green, yellow citron, and putty gray.

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Autumnal Colors

The use of autumn shades to complement your home’s white exterior paint is a smart way to infuse the cozy vibe of the autumn season all year round. This is a great choice of color scheme for those who particularly love the autumn season. Celebrate your love for the season with the eye-catching hues such as saturated oranges, coral, tangerine, and light pink. These colors will surely add a high-impact visual effect to a home exterior that is painted in crisp white.

Essence of the Forest

If you love nature or love the cozy vibe it adds to your home, then you’ll want to incorporate the essence of the forest to your home exterior paint. Adding touches of yellowish green, turquoise, clover, or olive to your home’s white paint will elevate its curb appeal. These color schemes are recommended for a wide range of home styles – from contemporary to cottage style homes. In fact, it is a natural choice for white homes located in the suburbs. It allows the color schemes in your home’s white paint finish to blend naturally with the environment where your home is built in.

Fiery Red

When it comes to choosing color schemes for white house exterior, it is better to go bolder and darker. The contrast in colors not only creates a visually arresting detail for your home exterior, but it also provides a nice sense of depth. A common technique to implement red for your home’s exterior painting is to use it on your front door. This is also a practical idea as it helps to direct your visitors to your front door – the point of entry to your home.

Earthen Delights

If you want to create a relaxing yet visually arresting detail for your home’s white exterior paint, look no further than earth tones. This particular color scheme adds dimension to your traditional white house but in a subtle and playful tone. You have a variety of color options to choose from that range from light to dark, such as taupe, amber, khaki, and terra-cotta. These colors remind you of sandy deserts, rocky landscapes, and the like.

Figure out which of these color schemes work best for your home style and your personality. Who says that white houses have to be boring?

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