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Interior Color Trends for 2020: Insider’s Look at Interior Painting Trends

Color is a vital aspect of interior design. It can affect your mood and psychological state. It’s no surprise why interior painters, designers, architects, and industry professionals look into the prevailing interior color trends each year to give homeowners and decorators a guideline to follow when choosing the best colors to paint their interior walls with.

There are numerous factors that you can take into account when choosing which paint color to use, but these interior color trends for 2020 will serve as your guideline so you can create a trendy look at your home’s interior space.

Color trends in home interior design have evolved throughout the years. The unveiling of the Pantone Color of the Year has showcased how this evolution has happened, and it has since been used as a guideline for choosing the top colors and hues to incorporate to styling for the year. If you are looking to revamp your home interior or you are designing a new space, it is important to get to know the top color trends for 2020 to make your interior space stand out.


Champagne tops the list of the 2020 interior color trends. If you think champagne is boring, think again! This hue is now replacing cool greys, which has dominated the interior design industry for years. The reason why champagne is growing as a trend is that it adds a touch of luxury to the interior while making it warm at the same time. It infuses the right amount of balance between earthy interior ambiance and luxury to create a calming environment.

Champagne also works well with bold textures or materials. You can use champagne as the main color scheme and add bold details to make the room pop. Aside from champagne, you can also integrate other metallic accessories to your interior space for maximum impact.

French Vanilla

French vanilla is a popular flavor in beverages but did you know that this color also emerges as one of the must-try trends for 2020? The way certain color schemes or hues impact your mood is no secret anymore. When you add yellow shades or other similar hues to your home interior, it creates a warm and bright atmosphere. This is why the use of French vanilla is something that a lot of interior decorators and homeowners are going to be excited about for 2020. This color works perfectly for the living room, in particular, as it increases dimension and depth of the room, while also increasing its vitality.

In particular, the use of French vanilla for interior walls is recommended for rooms without windows.The color brings the walls to life, giving it a calming yet energetic feel – even with the lack of windows and inability of natural light to penetrate into the room.

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Mint has been popping up here and there, but it has rarely dominated the interior design trends until now. For 2020, mint is considered by interior design experts as one of the prevailing color trends for home interiors. Mint is a shade of green that is lighter and of the pastel hue. Green is a color that is linked with nature, so it creates a relaxed, cozy, and calming vibe to your interior walls. Mint is also a result of combining different colors such as blue, green, and yellow. As such, it has the characteristics of these colors and can create the same impact to your mood as those three colors.

Mint emits positivity and happiness. This alone is enough reason to incorporate mint to your home interior design, particularly if you need a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls. No longer is mint used as an accent – you can make it the dominant hue in your home interior space.


On the other end of the color spectrum there is charcoal – another emerging color trend for interiors in 2020. Dark colors are often associated with modern spaces and that is exactly the kind of vibe that charcoal gives out. This color has been trending in home interior industry for some time now, and it is a trend that will continue through 2020. It is a chic and trendy color but also quite intimate. It is suited for intimate spaces such as your bedroom or kitchen.

If you’re using charcoal for your home interiors think accent walls, or as the main color of the room. Either way, this color is guaranteed to make a style statement.

Round Up

As you can see, there are plenty of options when it comes to color trends to try in 2020. This is good news for those who like to experiment with new and bolder hues. When you are renovating or decorating a space in 2020, you are not limited to a strict framework because there are many palettes to work with. Aside from the ones mentioned above, other colors that experts predict will be a huge part of home interior design trends include dark red, light pink, navy blue, hazelnut, and warm gray.

Which of the interior color trends for 2020 has captured your eye? Did any of your favorite color trends make the list?