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Top 2020 Color Trends for Home Exterior Painting

Exterior painting for your home is important because it is the first thing that people see about your home. Much has been said about making a good first impression and you can achieve that when you choose the right exterior paint colors. While trends have come and gone, it also calls for creativity and innovation. If you are currently looking at ideas to give your home a fresh coat of paint for 2020, then you have come to the right place. Say goodbye to the neutral facades because the 2020 color trends in home exteriors are all about brighter colors that stand out. You can adjust the colors to suit your wanting or find a trend that most appeals to the personality of your home. Either way, these trends are going to give you lots of creative ideas. It is time to let your imagination do its job!

Color Combinations

When it comes to painting your home exterior, who says you have to stick to just one color? There is no such rule and you can use that to your advantage – so don’t feel like you have to be limited to just one color palette when painting your home’s exterior. Take note of the color theory and the color wheel so you can put together colors that work, not clash with each other. Visualize what color combinations work best and complement each other.

The basic rule when combining colors for your home exterior paint is to choose one basic color paired with a lighter or darker tone of that same palette. Following this step in choosing paint colors for your home exterior will also create visual symmetry.

Bolder Colors

Another striking feature about 2020 color trends in home exterior is that homeowners are veering away from traditional colors. Instead, many opt for bolder colors that increase the home's curb appeal. Many are still playing it safe with modern variations of white but a huge majority of homeowners, especially younger ones, are painting their house with bold colors. These bold colors could either be the main color palette for the home or used as an accent to create a modern twist to traditional paint styles (for example, choosing red paint on the front door).

Top 2020 Color Trends in Home Exterior

These are the top color options for homeowners that are looking for a special exterior painting options to give their home a revitalized feel:

1. Sea Blue

If you are eager to abandon the neutral palette but not yet ready to commit to a bold hue, then sea blues are a great option. This watery hue offers the right balance of traditional and a touch of boldness. The blue shade can make a big splash without being too outspoken. Oceanside was a popular color in 2018, which is an intense blue-green shade. For 2020, you can encapsulate your sense of adventure and nature by painting your home exterior with sea blue color.

While this color might suggest an adventurous spirit, it can also offer a calming vibe. It is, still, after a color that is tied with nature so it is the ideal choice to inspire a serene vibe for your home. You can never go wrong with a light and crisp sea blue.

2. Sage

Continuing with the trend of colors that resemble nature, sage is another popular home exterior painting trend for 2020. This is a gorgeous shade of green that will transform any home styles. The best thing about choosing sage for your exterior paint is that it blends easily with a wide range of colors and tones. Whether it is navy, orange, red or dark blue, sage will complement those perfectly.

Like sea blue, sage also has a calming effect when you walk up to your house. It is bold yet still rooted in basic elements of traditional exterior house painting. It is the perfect choice of painting for homes in the suburbs, too.

3. Taupe

If you’re not quite ready to abandon neutral palettes yet, then you can choose taupe as an alternative to the traditional options like beige or dark gray. Grays will continue to dominate the exterior paint industry, particularly those who favor neutral palettes. But if you are opting for a warmer neutral tone, then taupe and dark brown is the way to go.

Taupe is also a practical choice for home exterior painting because it suits any architectural style. It particularly goes well with white trims and shutters, as well as brightly colored front doors.

4. Luscious Red

Among the list of top trends for home exterior paint colors in 2020, this is one that will get a lot of people excited! It is a particularly good choice for luxury houses. The use of deep red color on your home exterior paint gives your home that ‘brick house’ look. The brick house style is vintage so you can expect that kind of vibe in your home, such that it looks unique and expensive (even if it might not be).

When it comes to painting your home exterior in 2020, which of these trends appeal most to you? Do you like to play it safe with traditional colors or prefer to go bold?

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