Orange County Pressure Washing

Here at Kalaj Painting Co. We are experienced Pressure Washing Professionals. With over 30 years of company experience we are the go to company for providing Professional Pressure Washing services to all Orange County.

Why Pressure Washing Is Important

Pressure Washing is an important step in preparation for achieving a quality finish on exterior painting projects. All of our exterior repaints start with a thorough pressure wash to ensure a clean & sound surface plus ensuring maximum adhesion for the finish coat of paint.

Affordable Pressure Washing Near You

Kalaj Painting Co is a full service painting company in Orange County with Affordable Pressure Washing services that increase the homeowners property value and leave your house looking great. If you have painted the exterior of your house recently a great way to preserve the paint is doing a thorough pressure wash to remove cobwebs, dirt, dust, debris, mildew, algae, black mold, and allergens.

Quality Pressure Washing Services

Kalaj Painting Company has the right tools to get the job done on time. We are equipped with professional pressure washing machines that allow us to provide our customers with an exceptional job each and every time.